"Christopher Couzens is to be commended for his amazing service helping us buy a Condominium in Florida. We started with a telephone call in June 2019, and - from about 4,000 miles away in Europe - began working with Christopher and his team. We met in November for the first time and right away knew we'd made a good choice in working with him. We had only a week in Florida before having to leave the Ft. Lauderdale area. During that week, we saw about a dozen units, and chose one we liked. Christopher helped us construct an offer, assisted with negotiations when the seller became difficult, and later worked with us to cancel that offer. The very next day we saw a unit we wanted, and again worked with Christopher and his team. An offer was made and accepted. Then the detailed work began. Christopher had a timeline built with the milestones we needed to cross. Even while he was away on what we're sure was a well-deserved vacation, he left us in the capable hands of one of his associates. Once back, we finished the deal during Thanksgiving week and had our first few days there. Christopher and his team... - Handled every issue that got thrown at them - by Buyer (us) or Seller, - Was responsive to every inquiry we made, - Arranged great coverage when he was away, - Worked with our lender and suggested others, - Was present - physically when needed, reachable otherwise - throughout, - Kept a sense of humor even as things got tense with the first offer ...and were all around great. Highly recommended!"

— Jim B., Buyer