"I am not new to the real estate market .I have bought and sold homes before my current sale.Christopher Couzens has earned my respect with his knowledge and skill in selling my home.He refused to give in to the pressure brought on by me in providing answers to all questions I presented to him.He acted in a professional manner and worked with focus.He had confidence in his direction and led me to the solution of selling my home.The work started well before a client came to the house.The preparation of the property was a decision that had to be made which was instrumental in selling the property above listing price.His knowledge of pricing in this market was set up for success.I think the decision in having Christopher price the home was an important part of the sale.He was right on the money.Employ Mr Couzens if you want results period.If you want a no nonsense approach employ Mr Couzens you can thank me latter."

— Pete L., Seller