Andrew Fishkind

Sales Associate

Andrew Fishkind Photo

As a valued member of The Couzens Group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and a founding partner of the Ekroth Fishkind Margolin Team in New York City, Andrew Fishkind collaborates with and leverages two teams of highly motivated, high-producing, dedicated agents, with a focus on common sense and uncommon service.

Andrew is known for attention to detail and “above and beyond” dedication to his client’s best interests and satisfaction. An outstanding communicator and skilled negotiator, Andrew has an innate ability to maximize his client’s investments, and address their unspoken needs.

During his 20+ year tenure on Wall Street, Andrew honed his “client first” approach as his driving sales philosophy. Andrew’s ability to quickly become a trusted advisor has satisfied clients time and time again. He is known for his accessibility and responsiveness, and clients and investors alike consider him an essential resource and friend.

Andrew has been a landlord, a tenant, a buyer, and a seller several times over himself, and these experiences have informed his work as a broker. His great understanding of and empathy for a diverse client base is unparalleled, leading to a seamless experience that has earned him countless repeat clients and referrals.

Andrew is at ease with buying and selling residential properties and has extensive experience with first-time Manhattan homebuyers, luxury condominiums, and marketing landlord and investment portfolios. He is equally comfortable navigating property purchases in South Florida for New Yorkers who are ready for a change of temperature, part-time or full-time.

Andrew expertly maneuvers every transaction with an unwavering work ethic and devotion to his client’s needs, and his systemic approach has a proven track record. His real estate business is based on good communication, honesty, and steadfast client advocacy.